Admissions Freshmen

Common App Website Totally Messed Up; Cac Schools Among Those Offering Extensions

The Common Application, with which we are all so tragically familiar, underwent a fairly complete redesign this summer. It’s not working. Comparisons with abound. Like, it’s a website channeling a large number of individuals into a common enrolment system that then goes out to a large number of organizations, requiring lots of personal […]

Alumni Books Opinion Tufts

Terrible Article in the Tufts Alumni Magazine Gets Picked Up By the Washington Post

Which of the 11 American Nations Do You Live In? asked the headline of a Washington Post GovBeat post this Friday. “Red states and blue states? Flyover country and the coasts? How simplistic,” it exclaims, before going on to further simply an already overly simplistic (and wrong) article on the same subject from Tufts Magazine. […]

Art Bates Lifestyle

What Does The Bobcat Say?

When you visited Bates you marveled at the lovely campus, the enthusiasm in the office of admissions, and perhaps the widespread a capella culture. What’s that last thing that’ll convince you to apply? Maybe a video that puts all three of these things on display in a flaunting of pop culture timeliness. Hot off the […]

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Your Guide to the ‘Cac-iest Halloween Possible

It’s that time of year again: Time to assemble a group of friends and figure out what to wear each night for the next two weekends (Halloween’s a season, right?) To save you the inevitable stress and time wasted that could be otherwise spent finishing up midterms (ooh, spooky) we at In The ‘Cac put […]

Connecticut College Culture Lifestyle Opinion

Conn Men: Why Are Vaginas Important To You?

If you haven’t seen this video by Alia Roth ’14, producer of┬áthe 2014 Connecticut College Vaginas Monologues, you need to. She asked 100 men “Why are vaginas important to you?” to raise awareness for The Connecticut College Vagina Monologues, Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The results are hilarious and moving. Some […]

Connecticut College

Are Conn’s Classrooms “Safe Spaces”?

Coming on the heels of the consuming┬ácontroversy at Hamilton over “safe spaces” in which to discuss issues of race and diversity, a group of Conn students protested a professor who made a number of minority students in his class feel uncomfortable. According to the video below, the unnamed professor talked down to the students when […]