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No, You Shouldn’t Donate To Your College

Editor’s note: This article has been adapted from an op-ed by Chris Huffaker (Williams ’15) that appeared in last week’s issue of the Williams Record. In the last couple of years, Wesleyan has been running a THIS IS WHY campaign, where members of the Wesleyan community take photos holding signs saying why to donate to the […]

Amherst Art

Amherst College Reopening Search for Painting Stolen in 1979

MassLive reports that staff at Amherst’s Mead Art Museum, working with the FBI’s Art Crime Team and Boston Division, are reopening the hunt for Jean Baptist Lambrechts’ “Interior with Figures Smoking and Drinking.” The painting was stolen in 1979 alongside two other paintings by Dutch Golden Age artists. The two other paintings, one by Hendrick Corneliszoon […]


Williams May Buy Williams Inn

The Berkshire Eagle is reporting that the owners of the 102-year-old Williams Inn are in talks with Williams College about a sale. The Eagle reports, “Innkeeper Carl Faulkner acknowledged that the inn and the college are in discussions. He noted that the employees were notified with a note they received Wednesday.” and “James Kolesar, vice president of […]

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What do you get when you cross a Jumbo with a Bobcat?

A Skype Valentine’s Day date! In that spirit, here are some ‘Cac Valentine’s messages: Not to love you would be a Cardinal sin. Are you really a Mule? Because baby, I’d reproduce with you. My love for you is Jumbo-sized. I would never give you a smallpox-infected blanket. Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’d be my […]

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CheddaSK: The No Enemies Interview

Our Tufts correspondent Nikki Blank ’15 sat down with Mitch Maguire (his fans know him as CheddaSK) for a heart-to-heart over some delicious pistachio muffins. Some of you may know Mitch from his single “Jumbo City” (which was featured on the blog in 2012), but it’s 2014 now and CheddaSK is back from a life […]

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A Super Bowl Drinking Game for the ‘Cac

Here are some drinking game rules, in case you still haven’t settled on a set to follow: 1. Every time someone leaves your viewing party to get back to their work, take a drink. 2. Every time someone joins your viewing party having just finished some work, take a drink. 3. For each person in […]