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Finals Fodder: Tufts Bananas

It’s that time of year, folks. Snow is on the ground, the nights are getting longer, and studying is  harder and harder by the hour. Just so hard. This calls for a novelty Twitter account! Tufts Bananas has firmly established itself as a campus present, looming large in the mind of banana eaters everywhere. Some Jumbos feel […]

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680 Brave ‘Cacletes

680 student-athletes across the ‘Cac were just named to the 2013 NESCAC Fall All-Academic Team. That means sophomores and above who earned a varsity letter and a GPA above 3.35. That’s a hell of a lot of brainy athletes. That’s more than twice as many athletes as it took for the Spartans to hold off the […]

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Colby College Ends Support of Club Rugby

Colby’s administration has announced that, due to the high costs of making sure the sport is sufficiently safe, it will not be supporting club rugby after the Spring 2014 season. In a letter posted on the college’s facebook page last night, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Lori Kletzer explained the decision, […]

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‘Cac Students Are Really Horny

College kids are horny. Plain and simple. But in a list published this week by The Daily Beast, and then restated in Glamour Magazine, a group of analysts ranked the 25 horniest schools across the country. And the ’Cac—surprisingly enough—made quite a showing, taking five of the top 25 spots! 20% of the horniest college-aged […]

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Common App Website Totally Messed Up; Cac Schools Among Those Offering Extensions

The Common Application, with which we are all so tragically familiar, underwent a fairly complete redesign this summer. It’s not working. Comparisons with abound. Like, it’s a website channeling a large number of individuals into a common enrolment system that then goes out to a large number of organizations, requiring lots of personal […]

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Terrible Article in the Tufts Alumni Magazine Gets Picked Up By the Washington Post

Which of the 11 American Nations Do You Live In? asked the headline of a Washington Post GovBeat post this Friday. “Red states and blue states? Flyover country and the coasts? How simplistic,” it exclaims, before going on to further simply an already overly simplistic (and wrong) article on the same subject from Tufts Magazine. […]