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What do you get when you cross a Jumbo with a Bobcat?

A Skype Valentine’s Day date! In that spirit, here are some ‘Cac Valentine’s messages: Not to love you would be a Cardinal sin. Are you really a Mule? Because baby, I’d reproduce with you. My love for you is Jumbo-sized. I would never give you a smallpox-infected blanket. Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’d be my […]

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CheddaSK: The No Enemies Interview

Our Tufts correspondent Nikki Blank ’15 sat down with Mitch Maguire (his fans know him as CheddaSK) for a heart-to-heart over some delicious pistachio muffins. Some of you may know Mitch from his single “Jumbo City” (which was featured on the blog in 2012), but it’s 2014 now and CheddaSK is back from a life […]

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A Super Bowl Drinking Game for the ‘Cac

Here are some drinking game rules, in case you still haven’t settled on a set to follow: 1. Every time someone leaves your viewing party to get back to their work, take a drink. 2. Every time someone joins your viewing party having just finished some work, take a drink. 3. For each person in […]


Williams Students Set Lego Super Star Destroyer Speed Build World Record

For a winter study course called The Mathematics of LEGO Bricks, a group of Williams students led by Professor Steven Miller attempted to build a LEGO Super Star Destroyer in under 10 minutes. The team of fifty students came in at 10:21 on their best attempt, missing their target, but they almost definitely set a […]

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Income Bracket: The New Diversity?

The Atlantic yesterday ran an article analyzing the pitfalls of committing to admitting low-income students. Amherst has been a poster institution for remarkably increasing racial diversity at a traditionally-white male school–in fact, Amherst’s student body is now majority non-white. Amherst’s peer institutions in the ‘Cac and elsewhere have similarly made great strides in increasing racial diversity; […]

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Midd Alum Actually Playing In The Super Bowl

Although much of the ’Cac will be mourning the Patriots’ loss to the Broncos on Sunday—and therefore their elimination from the Super Bowl—many Middlebury students are still invested and excited for next Sunday’s big game. That’s because the Broncos will be playing the Seattle Seahawks, whose kicker—believe it or not—is a Middlebury alumnus. That’s right: […]