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Williams rapper explores “Higher Edukation”

Though most student rap in the ‘Cac has been concentrated at Wesleyan and Tufts, a senior named Demarius (Mari) Edwards has been getting attention at Williams for dropping a tape out of nowhere the other week. Ever since “” started playing a few shows with friends last year, students have been drawn to his smooth beats […]

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Wesleyan students, faculty call for co-education of fraternities

In a development that represents the biggest push to date to drastically reform the three remaining all-male residential fraternities at Wesleyan, hundreds of students and alumni–along with dozens of faculty members–have signed a letter urging that the University force the fraternities to co-educate or lose their residential houses. The 11-point letter presents a comprehensive overview […]


Bowdoin President Barry Mills to Step Down Next Year

Bowdoin announced yesterday that the College’s president of 14 years, Barry Mills, will step down in 2015. President Mills said in an e-mail to the Bowdoin community that at this time the College is “as strong today as in any period during its proud history,” and “it is because of this strength and because of […]

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Local conservative news site editor pretends to be outraged on behalf of Bowdoin women involved in art exhibition

“Bowdoin College,” writes Katie McHugh at the Daily Caller, “a private liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, opened the ‘Celebrating Women, Celebrating Bodies’ exhibit featuring naked photos of its female students on Thursday night.” This sounds perfectly normal to me. The naked form has been central to art for thousands of years, hasn’t it? And […]


Middlebury to return campus to nature

Middlebury President Ronald Liebowitz announced on Monday that in order to fulfill the College’s strategic environmental goals–which includes carbon net neutrality by 2016–he will direct the College’s Grounds and Facilities Department to cease performing their regular landscaping and gardening duties. “Upon seeing the findings of an investigation led by Schumann Distinguished Scholar Bill McKibben, I […]


Williams allegedly withheld employee tips for nearly three years

Williams has reached a settlement to pay $86,000 to 58 current and former employees who alleged in a lawsuit that the College “engaged in a longstanding pattern of wrongfully depriving servers, bartenders and other waitstaff employees of service charges, gratuities, tips or service fees” from December 2009 to October 2012. The Berkshire Eagle picked up the story […]