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Williams Men For Consent Holding ConsentFest Conference

For the first time in recent history, a weekend conference will bring together schools in the ‘Cac (and other regional institutions) to investigate potential solutions to the epidemic problem of rape and sexual assault on college campuses. Hosted by Williams, ConsentFest will be held the weekend of Feb. 23-24. as part of a collaboration between the Office of Student Life and Men For Consent, Williams’ men-founded (and mostly men-comprised) anti-sexual assault advocacy group. According to an OSL statement,

“This weekend conference is meant to be a forum to discuss, plan, and brainstorm ideas on ways to stop sexual assault and rape on individuals’ respective campuses. Whether it be through education, prevention, or support, Williams Men for Consent would like to welcome regional college groups to join in this endeavor and to find the ways that they can improve their campus culture one step at a time.”

We at In The ‘Cac would urge individuals–both men and women–across the conference to take advantage of this unique opportunity; as we covered in a post titled “‘Cac Men Preventing Sexual Assault” there are one or more anti-sexual violence groups at each school in the ‘Cac, some led by men and some not. We’ve seen these groups affect change at both a campus-wide and administrative level, but it would certainly be valuable for these disparate leaders to come together to address a culture that seems to foster sexual assault.

Any individuals or groups interested in ConsentFest should check out this page for more information.


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