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Apparently, Cornell alum Samantha Henig (a sociology major in the College of Arts and Sciences with a concentration in inequality) ’06 thinks that Tufts tops “The Meh List” published in the New York Times Magazine, pulling ahead of of coconut milk beverages (which are not meh, at all, in any sense, based on health benefits and taste) and Taylor Swift (who has sold millions of record copies, compared to Henig’s 0 reviews or stars on her book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble).

According to the Tufts Daily blog, this is apparently a joke. Just like Henig’s joke when she re-tweeted a suicide joke, which is meh. Apparently, one Tufts student questioned Henig’s feelings about Tufts, to which she responded, “Our extensive reporting led us to believe that it was, overall, a meh university.” Which is funny, because Tufts is NOT meh. Tufts is ranked in the top 30 of colleges and universities and has produced alums who work (and publish) the New York Times, the Globe (where she formerly worked), and 13 incredibly successful companies (including Victoria’s Secret and American Apparel, as well as eBay). There are other great, non-meh things to say about Tufts, and perhaps Henig and her meh website should figure out what “extensive reporting” is before making a silly list that is on the front page of the NYT Mag website.

Henig is currently the online editor at NYT Mag and the co-author of “Twentysomething,” a book on the culture and science of being young, which she wrote with her mother. Meh.

Tweet @scootes to let her know why Tufts is NOT meh.

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