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20 Examples of ‘Cacsplaining

In gender theory–ok, ok, the feminist blogosphere–“mansplaining” describes the perfect storm of arrogance and poor social grace that leads a man to explain something to a woman that she obviously already knows. Author Rebecca Solnit has a pretty amusing story about it.

If mansplaining as a concept exists, there must be such a thing as ‘Cacsplaining too. In fact, I think it goes a little something like this…

1. You should probably put on a jacket before we leave, it’s pretty chilly out.
2. Rap is a type of music, hip hop is a GENRE.
3. But if you do decide to come, don’t come until like 11 because 9:30 is really early for people to be out on a Saturday night.
4. The salad bar is where you will find most of the salad, it’s a long bar with lettuce and stuff.
5. It’s actually not politically correct to call people “Oriental.”
6. You’re gonna want to have a thesis statement in your essay, though.
7. There are a lot of rich people here because this school costs a lot. Tuition is really expensive.
8. I know exactly why there are so many fundamental misunderstandings between college girls and guys–it’s because of sex.
9. It’s ok to joke about sleeping with your professor, but you probably shouldn’t actually do that.
10. A lot of people drink here. Mainly alcohol.
11. The internet is a time waster, but if you limit yourself you can usually get stuff done.
12.  The gym isn’t open at 1AM, but it’s usually open during the day.
13. She has herpes, and the guy she’s sleeping with has herpes. It’s likely that one of them gave it to the other one.
14. Here’s the article you wanted to borrow. Don’t forget to cite it in your paper, you can get in a lot of trouble for not doing that.
15. Hey,  FYI,  HerCampus is a women’s magazine.
16. The reason why there aren’t that many people at this game is that it’s DIII football.
17. In this context, cult of the personality most likely refers to a cult that springs up around a personality.
18.  The reason why there are so many students here from Massachusetts is because it’s so close.
19. Don’t forget to start your cover letter with a salutation!
20. Smells like pot in here… Pot’s a distinct, skunky smell.

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