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Conn does TEDx

First of all, I just tried to watch an obscene amount of TED talks in a row. Like…obscene. They weren’t really loading quickly, so I kind of had to popcorn between them–the long and short of it is, I’m not really sure what I just learned but I feel inspired.

If you’ve ever been exposed to TED talks before, likely on YouTube, you know that they’ll do that to you–slip you some bite-sized theory from a field you’ve never considered, or a resonating anecdote, and suddenly your gears are turning…

That’s why if you are at Conn you should seriously consider attending the campus’s TEDx conference on April 14th, which is organized under license from TED.  Buy your tickets by April 11th to attend the all-day event, like the one put on by Middlebury (a smashing success).

Here’s video of Chris Waddell (Midd ’91)  from Middlebury’s TEDx conference, his accolades include:

-Paralympic Hall of Famer
-U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Famer
-One of the Dalai Lama’s Unsung Heroes of Compassion
-People Magazine’s “Fifty Most Beautiful People.”

Bowdoin recently institutionalized their own version of TED talks by launching “Uncommon Hour”. Student-nominated professors give a brief lecture on research in their field, meant to be accessible to students of all disciplines.

Keep calm and TED on?


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