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Once You Go Track You Never Go Back

Yeah I stole the title of this post from my own Likealittle comment (which didn’t get nearly enough thumbs up for my wit’s ego so here we be). Even after the sun sets on the African continent (congrats Zambia),   the ‘Cac news keeps rolling in. (Big wheel keeps on turning, Cave Mary keeps on earning.)

Apparently, there is something called the Boston University Valentine Invitational for indoor track and field.

If I had a time machine and a magic marker that could last longer than your FWB I would go back in time with enough of these for my second grade homeroom...JK, I'm not a total asshole. I would obviously attach some sort of candy.

And appaaaaarently Bowdoin brought back a little of that 1979 magic with men in short shorts (okay, so they always wear those) and some Joanie Benoit sonic sneaker swag.

When the dust cleared (that indoor track dust) the men’s distance relay team of Coby Horowitz (of Empowered in Howard fame), Matt Gamache, Colin Fong, and Matt Hillard (stop. now you’re a boy band. 2MC. roll with it gentlemen…) are now ranked number one in the country (#1 Billboard Hit: You’re Like A Stick I Like To Pass Between My Friends).

But I digress. Elsa Millet now holds the fastest time in the nation for the women’s 400.

Meanwhile, at the same Valentelethon (doesn’t Yale call this meet ‘Sex Week’?) 26 of Amherst’s 29 entrants achieved personal records. Two of the remaining three hadn’t been holding back all season. The third ate a burrito immediately before the 1000 meter.

The team celebrated by taking passport pictures:

Everybody got laid. Fin.


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