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Hey, Babe…

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. This means that you’re either (1) scrambling to find your significant other something romantic and meaningful, (2) desperately-ish trying to find your significant-ish other something-ish low-pressure-ish and appropriate-ish, (3) attempting to ignore the day/anyone you’ve hooked up with recently, or (4) figuring out how to avoid your room as much as possible on Tuesday while your roommate and her visiting boyfriend play house. Although not completely comprehensive, I feel that those categories encompass a pretty significant chunk of ‘Cacdom.

Regardless of your Valentine’s Day status, here’s some internet humor to help you procrastinate. I’ve picked out some of my favorites, but be sure to check out the full site here.



In a similar vein, here are some lines to drop on that cute Econ major you’ve been flirting with since break:

Hey Babe…I’ll maximize your utility any day of the week.

Hey Babe…my interest rate ain’t set by no Fed.

Hey Babe…I know it’s inefficient, but I just want you to¬†experience my positive externalities.

Hey Babe…with you, my demand is always inelastic.

Hey Babe…all those other girls/guys are just inferior goods.



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