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Tufts Students get Winter Bashed

Groove Boston did an awesome job at last night’s Winter Bash, bringing in the ballroom at the Sheraton at full capacity.

We all started out with the uge pregaming scenarios – my group of friends had delicious jello shots and a full suite by 9pm, and it was a madhouse of photobombs and heels.

I personally got stuck with an 8:30 bus time, but hopped in a cab and split the 30 dollar cost with 3 other friends before basically cutting the line and shoving people to get into the party. I skipped bringing a coat, but I know most students didn’t have a problem getting theirs at the end of the party (1 am) from the self coat check. Not gonna lie, PBoard did an awesome job with planning.

Resident Tufts DJ Adam Weisman and Groove Boston played a variety of genres, from 80s to top 40, dubstep to house. The crowd raged all night with some breaks for some yummy food (mini grilled cheese, aww yeah) and bathroom breaks (if you could step around the girls passed out and getting sent to the hospital).



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