We have some new weirdos following us on Twitter

This can only mean one thing:

Actually, it can mean multiple things. Anybody considered that the depleted population of Middlebury (due to a virulent outbreak of gastroenteritis) has rallied around a Hunger Games-esque venue to determine which of the survivors survives? Appointing Sophie Clarke to a deanship…poor choice in retrospect.

Although to be Frank, the hunt is 30% whoring and 70% twitter whoring.

And lesbihonest, most of that whoredacity seems to be directed at Ellen…

Am I pissed that nobody’s asked us for an endorsement yet?

Eh, devil may care.

I am more consumed by trying to find out whether @HotChicksAllDay is covertly part of the hunt or just happened to follow us somewhere between @ColbertU and @NoMoreUnicorns… It’s fishy. (And that by the way is an Asian carp joke and not a gross sexual reference. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been dropping Midd puns like MiddTwitt drops deuces in the basement of the lib…I still have my rejection letter Greg, those that can’t do blog.)


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