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Shit ‘Cac Students Say to non-‘Cac Students

  1. no, not Umass
  2. no the one in Connecticut
  3. if they catch us, they tell us to pour it out…
  4. and, the best part is, he’s in ALL my classes
  5. we have a really good sailing team
  6. no not the whipped topping, the president
  7. do you guys have real hazing?!
  8. yeah, but your school isn’t HARD hard
  9. Get this: my prof saw Susan Sontag at a party once and…never mind.
  10. omg your school must feel like spring break all. the. time.
  11. party? obviously. we have three frats!
  12. it can definitely feel small at times
  13. I prefer to think of it as intimate
  14. inbred, it’s inbred.
  15. frats? nope, no frats just a capella groups
  16. screw you dude I’m transferring
  17. can I visit?
  18. soooo when can I visit?
  19. I’m visiting, right?
  21. no not “like BC but not Catholic”…god.
  22. Kid Cudi came? stfu!
  23. it’s a class about John Keats…the poet…sex, it’s a class about sex, ok?
  24. you think that’s bad?! one time I dogsat for my professor and…
  25. it’s a small school in Maine
  26. fight song? lol…
  27. I go to school in Vermont. Every weekend is “Mountain Weekend.”
  28. do people ever jump?
  29. what’s that thing you’re doing with your hands in your profile picture?
  30. English major with an emphasis on memory…why are you laughing…
  31. actually it’s the ten dollar bill but whatever it’s fine
  32. we were on Grantland once
  33. you should visit next weekend, it’s the best weekend of the year.

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