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Shit ‘Cac Girls Say

It’s true, because I said it.

  1. I made the best panini today
  2. I stalked his profile. His ex-girlfriend is gorgeous.
  3. yeah I saw that on facebook
  4. yeah I saw that you tweeted that earlier
  5. argh mommmm stop texting me
  6. so…he still hasn’t texted me back yet
  7. whatever, I’m over it
  8. you’re not going to guess who just texted me.
  9. I love bread
  10. is it weird that I kind of want a child?
  11. I have so much work to do it’s not even funny
  12. I actually enjoyed writing that paper
  13. what class is it? oh she’s the worst.
  14. I’m going to try and get it done early
  15. how are you so tan?
  16. not to be a creeper, but do you tan?
  17. I heard he’s hooking up with that tan girl
  18. kill me.
  19. movie night?
  20. I miss summer
  21. get me some fucking Nutella
  22. effff my phone just died.
  23. you’re NOT too clingy, he just sucks
  24. wear that sparkly top
  25. oooo it looks so French!
  26. I just want to graduate.
  27. do you want to go to the gym together later?
  28. come to the bathroom with me.
  29. dinner?
  30. it’s ok, I took a nap
  31. Hey! You’re a boy! If you were hooking up with a girl…
  32. I’m going to cry, I actually tried in that class.
  33. where did you go last night? we lost track of you…
  34. tell me about it at brunch
  35. I’ll tell you at brunch
  36. brunch?
  37. *gasp* I’d loooove to. text me!
  38. are you going to that?
  39. I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever
  40. I feel like he’s not good with relationships
  41. I feel like you’re judging me
  42. God no.
  43. I was sooooo drunk.
  44. he was soooooo drunk.
  45. ugh. she was wasted.
  46. don’t judge me but…
  47. listen to this article I just read online
  48. that reminds me of an article I just read online
  49. sup bitches?
  50. I want to branch out
  51. turn it up! I LOVE this song!
  52. IIIIII knowwwww!
  53. did you go to their concert this summer?
  54. I hate being injured
  55. I’m kind of glad I’m injured
  56. How does your hair always look so perfect?
  57. I want your hair
  58. I want your body
  59. I want a job
  60. You should really go to the health center
  61. They TOTALLY have that at the health center
  62. fuck. internships…
  63. I hate labels
  64. I just want someone to cuddle with.

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