Double Jeopardy or Just Deserts?

The past few years have seen a host of sexual assault-related lawsuits and complaints aimed at NESCAC colleges, most recently at Wesleyan – if the University goes through with a rumored plan to essentially dismantle its fraternity system, two lawsuits brought by survivors of sexual assault will have played a substantial role. A 2010 suit alleged negligence […]


UPDATED UPDATE: Bowdoin Doesn’t Actually Recognize Evangelical Student Group After All

After speculating in our last post about the seemingly-factual disparities between Michael Paulson’s New York Times article (Colleges and Evangelicals Collide on Bias Policy — June 10, 2014) and Bowdoin’s official statement regarding their recognition of the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship, we have learned that Bowdoin’s got some pretty crafty wordsmiths in their communications department. Many peoples’ confusion has centered […]

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UPDATE: Bowdoin Does Not Sever Ties With Evangelical Student Group

Contra the New York Times, who reported on June 10 that Bowdoin will “no longer” recognize the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship after the summer, the College claims that they “have no plans” to drop recognition, and will continue to support the BCF in perpetuity. It seems like this discrepancy may not necessarily be an error on the Times’ part, […]

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Bowdoin Severs Ties With Evangelical Student Group

Last spring, we reported that the Tufts Christian Fellowship had accepted a denial of funding and recognition by the Tufts Community Union (TCU) due to its belief that homosexuality is a sin. This belief, and the attached requirement that all members (including any potential gay members) accept this belief was against the non-discrimination rules of […]


Tufts Has Settled Its Title IX Case With the Feds

We reported two weeks ago that the Department of Education had found Tufts in violation of Title IX gender equity requirements due to its policies for responding to sexual assault. This weekend, the Associated Press reports, the University settled with the government. Tufts has been embroiled in controversy (and progress) over its sexual assault response for […]


Amherst College Bans Student Involvement in Off-Campus Greek Life

In a letter sent today by the Board of Trustees to the Amherst student body, the Board declared that student involvement in any fraternity or fraternity-like organization will be prohibited starting July 1. Amherst officially severed ties with and recognition of fraternities and sororities in 1984, banning Greek organizations’ use of campus facilities, funding and resources; in the years […]