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Finals Survival Guide

Finals. Can’t live with them, cant burn the school down to avoid them, amiright??? Many finals week life hacks have been claimed, and as far as we can tell they are all horrible. Alcohol and coffee probably aren’t the answers, but here’s a few tips that we think my actually help you get through these last few days: […]


Amherst’s New Mascot: In The ‘Cac’s Recommendations

Amherst College is a wonderful institution representing progress, knowledge, truth and understanding. That said, the guy it’s named after was a total doucher who advocated the use of biological warfare. Needless to say, the ongoing debate about what to replace “The Lord Jeffs” with is long overdue. Here are In the ‘Cac’s recommendations for the college’s next […]

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Solidarity Across the NESCAC for Threatened Mizzou Students

Today, students around the NESCAC donned black clothing and stood together in solidarity with black students in Missouri. On numerous NESCAC campuses, including Middlebury, Amherst, Wesleyan, Williams, and Bowdoin, student-initiated gatherings brought people together in solidarity and support of those who have faced threats and racism on their campuses this week, according to a post […]

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2015 NESCAC Football All-Beard-and-Mustache Team

In The Cac is proud to present selections for the 2015 NESCAC football All-Beard-and-Mustache team. Parameters for selection accounted for a range of variables including, but not limited to, fullness, precision, audacity, originality, and arbitrary gut-reactions from our editors.       Beard of the Year First Team Second Team Honorable Mention

Middlebury Music

Midd does Bieber’s “Sorry” Music Video

A group of Middlebury students posted a shot-for-shot cover of the video to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” this week. As of November 10, five days after posting, the video had 20,000+ views on Youtube. Only about 2,500 people are enrolled at Middlebury. Good work, girls. Here it is: And the original, for good measure:

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Observations from a NESCAC Story Celeb

Saturday, October 24, 2:53 AM – Williams College. Over the last seven days I had spent 15 hours taking a week-long math midterm, and roughly as much time prepping for Williams Lacrosse’s 2016 NCAA run. Exhausted as I was, I had promised a favor to a dear friend, and thus found myself audio-teching and acting […]